Failure is a Blessing

Not everyone is happy about failing in life or failing at one thing or another. But we have to understand the importance of failure and the blessing it can be to us. Failure is a God-given gift to man. Let us find out why? The best way to learn swimming…

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Making Faith Work – Principles of Faith 2

Our walk with God is spiritual and as we all know, the Spirit and everything related to spirituality is faith-based. This is because the spirit-dimension is not visible to the human eye.  Without faith what will the Man of God do? I want to explain briefly some very important factors…

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How Christians are Bewitched – 1

To bewitch means to cast a spell over (someone). Most of us may agree that a Christian cannot be BEWITCHED but the truth is MOST OF US right now have been bewitched and SOME OF US Bewitch other Christians.  Part 1 Personally, I have been bewitched twice but I thank…

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Principles of Faith

Faith goes beyond a feeling. Faith makes you believe and hope for what you will DEFINITELY RECEIVE. FEAR on the other hand makes you believe in the existence of what does not exist and then you lose what you should receive.

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