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# Fa Fasting no Hooki me
I have been having an unexplained itchiness of the vagina and vulva since March. I'm a health personnel so I knew it wasn't candidasis either. I was diagnosed of Urinary tract infection. I took lots of different antibiotics but to no avail. A doctor even suspected an STI which I know it wasn't. We did laboratory test of all kinds and took different medications but there was no improvement.
I adapted a diversional therapy by applying warm water compression Everytime I'm going to bath. I had eventually taken it as my normal lifestyle.
During the last day phone Prayer session of Hooki me fasting, Apostle told the ladies on the call to get water, he prayed over it and asked us to smear it on our abdomen. While doing that I was focusing on my menstrual pain the most. While doing that I had the spirit prompt to use the water to wash my vagina. Though reluctant, I did and prayed and went to bed.
Miraculously, I slept without feeling the itchiness. When I woke up, I intentionally delayed my bath just to check the itchiness but I didn't feel it. God being so good it has vanished and I haven't felt any itchiness up till now. I give glory to God for His healing mercies.
God bless Apostle Pank.
God bless the PANKWORD Ministry.

I'm Yvonne, I have two testimonies.
1st I was in need of money. I had asked my father for some money and he refused saying I should wait till the end of the month. During the 3 days fasting and Prayers, I was actively involved and I prayed to God. After the 3rd day, my father was sending money to my Aunt and he added extra for me 🤩. I was so excited and I thank God for the miracle. I got money before the end of the month hallelujah.
Secondly, I had a very terrible neck pain. During the healing and miracle service on the 3rd day, Papa Pank prayed for us and I'm completely free now. I can turn my neck now without feeling pains 😅. Glory to God 🙏