Welcome to our Online giving portal, where you can make donations to support the Projects of this Ministry.

Make Your Donations


Donations & Offerings

This platform offers you the ability to make your donations and offerings to the PANKWORD MINISTRY, by just filling the donation form from above.


During special events, Pledges are made. You can make payments to those pledges on this platform, especially for events such as Apostolic Insanity, Iprophesy,  and Breakfast Summit.

Firstfruit (Tithe)

Contributions towards your firstfruit (Tithe) is also possible. Tithes are a tenth of your increase. You can give your tithes to support the work of God.

Please use any of these account to your convenience.

Dial *170#, reply with 1 (Transfer Money) and follow the below prompts.

Choose Mobile Money User (Option 1).

Choose Subscriber (Option 1).

Enter Mobile Number: 0541356897.

Repeat the above mobile number.

Enter Amount.

Enter your giving type/purpose as reference.

Enter your Mobile Money PIN to confirm the transfer to JEFF AMOAKO (Our Correspondent)

Dial *110#

 Select Send money

 Enter Airtel tigo number (0572287684)

 Recipient number

The amount and you type your pin and press send


 Send money

Vodafone number

Enter the recipient number.

Confirm recipient number.

Type the amount but don't add comma.

Confirm the transaction but entering your pin code

Wait for an SMS