The Pankword Ministry

We are an Apostolic Ministry committed to helping you learn and grow in your faith. Get plugged into the community, deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ, and tell others about Him.

With so many service times, forums and events, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to engage with God, with His people, and with the world around you.

Monthly Prayers Review

Spend just a minute to share your thoughts on our monthly prayers. No personal details needed. God bless you for cooperating.

Grace Level for 2021

As a ministry of Prayer and the Word, we are committed to interceding for you. It gives us great joy when God gives you reasons to celebrate His goodness.

Share with us 5 expectations you have for the 2021 and as we pray about them, we believe the Lord Jesus will surprise you with answers.

Share the Link that brought you here with people you love.

The Pankword Ministry