Is Jesus concerned about our little ailments?

Is Jesus concerned about our little ailments?

In Matthew 8  vs 14, Jesus enters the house of Peter and finds his Mother-In-Law sick. She had a fever and was lying sick in bed.
Now, what happens here is amazing. Jesus did not pray, He did not look for anointing oil neither did He use Holy water.
Well, he did not even command as He does sometimes when demons are involved. All he did was to touch the hand of the woman and she was made whole. This is not the first time something of this sort has happened.
In Luke 6, he only asked a leper to stretch his hand and the guy was healed.
He met an impotent man by the poolside, asked him to stand up and right there, he was made whole. Jesus did not pray for all these people. That woman with the issue of blood also touched him and she was made whole.
Many people sought to touch him for power came out of him and healed them. That is in Luke 6:19

What was the secret of Jesus?

1. The Right Knowledge.
2. Deep inner conviction.
3. Employed the law of solitude
4. Operated in the power of Night first Grace
And more to be discussed later
But one thing I want you to note is about the in-law of Peter. She had just a fever. But why would Jesus bother himself to heal just a fever? Couldn’t she take some medication and be alright?
Do these small ailments matter to God?

Yes, they do. It is His will that you walk in perfect health. No headache, no fever, no malaria, nothing.

I just want to provoke your thoughts in a direction.
May you walk in absolute divine and perfect health.
This is My Word to you for the week.
Make sure a friend gets this message. Spend the time you worry rather in prayer as a warrior. Worry takes from you. War out your worry.
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