Praise Report


I share my praise report to the Glory of God. I was having issues with my menstrual cycle. This has been a problem I have had for a long time. For the month of September and October 2021 especially, I didn’t see any flow of blood at all. My menses stopped flowing completely. According to the diagnosis of the doctor, it was a result of hormonal imbalance.
I usually join the weekly Prayer Wednesday so after prayers one fateful Wednesday, the Apostle prayed over water and gave me a direction to follow. I delayed the intake of the prescribed medication of the Doctor and adhered to the direction in faith.
To the glory of God, I am having normal blood flow again after 2 months. Everything is so normal now. I am grateful to the God of the Pankword Ministry.

From: Gennie
Period: November 18, 2021
From: Takoradi

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