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Our walk with God is spiritual and as we all know, the Spirit and everything related to spirituality are faith-based. This is because the spirit dimension is not visible to the human eye.  Without faith what will the Man of God do? I want to explain briefly some very important factors or principles of faith. I feel the need t take the children of God through this because you cannot use a car if you do not understand how a car work or the principles that back the operation of that vehicle. Likewise, You cannot walk in faith if you do not understand what the Principles of faith are.

Read the first section of this teaching if you have not done so already. Principles of Faith

Faith goes beyond a feeling.

Faith goes beyond a feeling. I want to teach you this because sometimes it’s very confusing how to tell if you have faith or not especially when you are in a depressing, repressing, and compressing situation.
Do you have to feel hyper? Do you have to be shouting positive declarations? Do you have to be repeating positive confessions? Should you have a burning sensation in your heart? Should you have a very positive feeling about what you are believing God for? Should you have one of these or all of these to know that you have faith?
Faith in Greek is Pistis, which is derived from the Greek word Peitho which means persuasion or to persuade. Faith is something you are so persuaded about in your spirit.
Faith is a conviction that has made you a convict.

I Cor 1:6
“Even as the testimony of Christ was confirmed in you:”

Revelation 19:10
“And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellow servant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

Now as you can see from Rev 19:10, the Angel says that the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY IS THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS.


With the eyes of spiritual understanding, you will see that the testimony of Jesus is the word of God. Prophecy too is the word of God. So the Spirit of Prophecy in you, tells you what God has said about your situation and that word is confirmed in you. Then you become so convinced that no matter what people say about the situation, because of what you have heard inside of you and have confirmed it also within, you live on.

What if…?

Do you think Peter made a very simple and easy choice walking on the water? Don’t you think probably some of the disciples out of concern for him might have suggested, ‘Bro Peter, ‘what if’ you drown?

Look at Peter then. He has heard a word from Jesus. It confirmed what he already had within him and he listened to no one else and took the first step out of the boat and hey, he made history that day.
Faith IS A RISK that is why a certain type of wisdom which I will talk about before I close will ask the question, ‘WHAT IF’

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Peter stepping out on the water was a huge risk. Elijah was standing before a life and death situation. What a risk it was to call for a fire challenge. What if the fire did not fall?
Are you facing a situation that is a left or right type? Life or death junction?

Hey, let your Body, Soul, and Spirit understand that when you have received a conviction in your spirit that it will work out positively, and a voice asks you ‘What if’, that question should answer your fear. That question is an indication that God is working things out for your good.

Answering the Question

Let’s look at how to answer the voice that asks the ‘what if questions’

What if…

Yes, it’s a risk. I understand and I know the Man at the other end does not disappoint.

What if…

Oh don’t worry, I have a conviction in my spirit. It is not a feeling. Even if my expectations don’t turn out as I want, it will definitely turn out as He wants. In the end, I still get what I want. Glory!

What if……

The next answer is: SHUT UP! SHUT UP!! SHUT UP!!!

Now, why do I need you to keep talking to yourself over and over? The woman who had traveled all the way from her country to Jesus to cast a demon out of her daughter definitely would have had to deal with lots of questions in her head all the way until she got to Jesus. I want to share with you what carried her through the confusion and all until she made it to Jesus and even to negotiate in the spiritual legal language until she won.

Oh have I mentioned here that God is not always right? – a scary truth.

Oh, you’ll understand if you were in this woman’s shoes or if you were in the shoes of Jacob who wanted a new life through a divine blessing and God says NO.
A full write-up about this topic will be uploaded shortly.

Now you will have to talk to yourself because there are 3 entities that can influence faith.

1. God and His word
2. Other People/Environment
3. You
The most important of the three (3) is all these three (3).
Before I get back to the points above too, I want to point out to you that Faith can be

·         Learnt

·         Shared

·         Imparted

Now the Bible says that Faith comes by hearing. Oh boy,
Romans 10:17.

o   Faith comes by hearing

o   And hearing by the Word

You cannot hear something that is not said. So everything you hear contains a word which means you hear information and that information gives you knowledge. So the type of information you hear determines the type of faith you possess. – if it will be fear or faith.

If it’s the word of God, you will receive the faith of Hope as you hear it. And as we all know the word of God isn’t only the word written in the Bible. In addition to what the Bible has said, you need a personal word from God spoken to your spirit by God Himself or by other people surrounding you.

Watch who you bring to your circle. As the Bible has said in Proverbs 27:17, ‘Iron sharpens Iron; even so, a man sharpens the countenance of his friend’. What happens if you are iron and yet surrounded by wood?
Rom 10:17 ‘So faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.’
Do you remember how some friends of a lame and sick man removed the roof of a house and put him in so Jesus could heal him? – Luke 5:18-20. Your inner circle should be people of faith.

Faith is transferrable energy.

Let’s keep in mind that Jesus always required Faith from anybody he healed before he did anything. I have pointed out to you also that Faith can be shared. These people shared or used their faith to negotiate for their sick friend and in the end, the sick guy also obtained forgiveness. A boy tormented by a demon that would convulse him and throw him into fire sometimes got his healing because his father stood in for him. The Phoenician woman I mentioned earlier stood in for her daughter. There are countless stories in the Bible.

You need people who can go to God and pay for your liberation with their faith when you lose touch with yours because of a devastating situation. When you lose your faith or about to lose your faith, what these people say can heat up your fire again. That is why I have encouraged you earlier to pay attention to your inner circle. If they don’t have the faith to share when you have lost touch with yours, know where to place them.

Now, about you also being an entity that can play a role in your faith, let’s talk about Romans 10:8
But what does it say? “The word is near you, in your mouth, and in your heart;” that is, the word of faith which we preach:
The Word is near you. In your mouth and in your heart.

The abundance of the heart is what the mouth speaks.
When Mary heard the things the Angel said to her about her son and also what the shepherds came to say, the Bible says that she KEPT THESE THINGS IN HER HEART. This is what she did which gave her the strength to go through all the troubles she had with people and their false accusations after the birth of Jesus. She kept those Words she heard in her heart. Your heart is a storehouse. It is also a seat of emotions and decisions. What you store in there affects what you do out here.

The Word of faith is near you. On your lips and in your heart. And you can’t hear something without your ear, therefore;

Heart – Hear – Ear

When your ear hears, it enters your heart. Then when it abounds in your heart, the mouth begins to confess. That’s why Jesus said, Therefore take heed how you hear (Luke 8:18)

What you hear will eventually fill your heart. Make It (what you hear) the word of God. Let it overflow in your heart. Let your mouth declare what you are convinced about and then your ear will hear what you are saying to yourself and will fill your heart again and again till it overflows again and again and again.
Let me show you what faith does for you.

Faith gives you the patience to stay in your position till you’ve received what God is cooking.
The next time we have the opportunity, I will talk to you about the 2 kinds of wisdom that guide the faith and also the scientific approach of faith. I’ll give you some scientific formula to show you how faith works
I believe that before you can actually make use of something say a gun, you will have to, first of all, understand what it is and how it operates. I believe this piece has been an eye-opener.

I am very certain that if you inhale, swallow, consume all I have shared tonight, The Holy Spirit will take you deeper and make you see how to apply the word at each strategic point in your life.
I speak under the apostolic mandate upon this ministry. Whatever challenge you have, may Heaven divinely rearrange the process and bring people into your life who will share their faith and fight for you.

May heaven divinely arrange provision for you and may the word of faith be available on your lips anytime you find trouble on your path.

God bless his word and make you prosper beyond what I am seeing.

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