Apostolic Insanity

This is usually held on the second or third Saturday of April to celebrate the birthday of The PANKWORD. It’s a gathering of believers to share the word of God, pray and to celebrate the man of God.

School bag or ring.

Another major initiative of the PANKWORD Ministry. The sole aim of SOR is to reach out to teenagers and the youth starting at the Upper Primary Schools, Junior High, and the Senior High Schools with the word of God. We educate them on sex, its risks, and consequences, and also admonish them to make their academics their priority at their stage of life. Moreover, we teach them to seek God all the days of their lives.
Our call and response
Call: Schoolbag or ring
Response: You decide!


This is a power-packed spirit-filled and anticipated program usually held in August every year. We praise, we worship, pray, study the word, and crown it with lots of laughter from a comedy show Last year edition was on the 24th of August at good Shepherd Methodist church Kenyasi and it sure was a memorable moment in the presence of God.

Breakfast summit

As the name suggests, it’s a summit of filling the belly and filling the spirit as well. it’s held on the last Saturday of December and thus the last Saturday of the year. In these meetings, we pray vigorously into the upcoming year and sit to hear what the Lord has prepared for us as we journey into a new year. We crown our meeting with varieties of tasty foods and then wish ourselves a happy and prosperous new year.