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Not everyone is happy about failing in life or failing at one thing or another. But we have to understand the importance of failure and the blessing it can be to us. Failure is a God-given gift to man. Let us find out why?

The best way to learn swimming is by attempting to swim swimming. You can’t learn to walk if all you do is crawl. If you’ll ever be great at anything, you have to take the first steps. There should always be a first time.

Don’t let the fear of failing stop you from attempting great things.  You can only how good you’ll become by starting out. Remember, failure is a gift; a blessing to learners. Failure is an energy definer for anyone who wants to rise to the top. Soar On higher.

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Learning takes a lot of time. It comes with a lot of struggles but once you master your pace, you speed up anytime you are faced with any similar challenge. Life is full of lessons therefore you cannot afford to live a day without learning something new.

Situations may not present themselves in the same garment each time but their core will always be the same. The wisdom you’ve obtained through learning even from your failures will make you ready enough to face them. What are you hoping to become? Give it a shot today. Don’t be intimated by limited resources. If you are zealous enough, you will always find a way.

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David, the little boy who later became must have felt nervous the first day he received an invitation to play for the king. That was the beginning of greatness for him. He must have thought to himself,  ‘what if I fail?’ I can only imagine how it must have felt for Jeremiah, being a youth to walk up to to the elderly and claim to have a word from the Lord for them. Gid knew he must be nervous and afraid of failing and so gave him the courage by revealing his spiritual authority and identity to him. it is always terrifying to start a business, a ministry, practice your faith t, but if you carry the conviction in your spirit that the Lord has spoken to you and has commanded you to do it, then remember this word and be encouraged. For every step where you assume you’ve failed is a pass in the eyes of your father. Don’t quit because the first approach failed. You are a step closer. Your failures are part of your makeup. One day, you will look back and be grateful. Don’t stop here.

Have you encountered any situations that appeared challenging? Is there anything you did that helped you to overcome? Share with us in the comments and don’t forget to rate, like, and share this post.

The Lord bless you.

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