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Pankword Ministry is a Ghana-based apostolic non-denominational youth ministry. Our greatest commitment is to young people. It is my prayer that you find your home here with us. The Pankword Ministry is more than a ministry. We are a family.

 - The Pankword


thepankwordVolunteer on the eTeam


Use your gifts and talents to make a difference by serving
online or at your campus.


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Discover how you can make an impact in the lives of other young people and kids who need the gospel of Jesus with  Monthly offering determined by you.

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thepankwordThe Pankword Ministry


Visit our giving portal to conveniently give an offering to support the course of the Pankword Ministry. 

Grace Level


Do you love to pray? Join us every month for our monthly week of fasting. ranging from 3, 5 to 7 days each month.





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